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The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show No 472 - 25th - 31st March 2013

Published March 25, 2013


Heeeeere's Gramie! With another shining example of a show that's got more unsigned bands than you can shake an axe at. There's also a smattering of underground labels and new releases, topped off by a classic tune that defies being labelled as either metal or rock. We think it might actually be... *gasp*... Pop. Oh dear, can you hack it? Well grab an axe and tune in!!!

This week's playlist:

Cannibal Corpse - Fucked with a Knife
Desecrate - Line of Insanity
Fantasist - Drugstore Cowboy
Lycosa - Barbara
Grisly Amputation - Chainsaw Swimming in Flesh
Promethium - Murder Inc.
German Pascual - The Wrath of God
Driven - Vacant Throne
Kilpatient MD - Psycho Ology
Matricide - The Point of No Return
Inner Sanctvm - The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Malmort - Cruciatus
Eldorado - Another Bright Sunday
Zero Tolerance - I Thought The Hurricane Season Was Over
Elderoth - Cursed
Zaiph - Sound of Thousand Dreams
Paganland - Night Forest
Maze Of Terror - Hatred and Repression
David Bowie - Drive-In Saturday


Prepare to be dissected.

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